Image of Red Blooded Murder (Izzy McNeil)


Image of Red Blooded Murder (Izzy McNeil)

The second book in Caldwell's series is great. A solid plot, vivid characters and a brain-teasing mystery keep you guessing throughout. Izzy's often humorous first-person narrative is a bonus.

Six months after scandal took her job and her fiance, Sam Hollings, entertainment attorney Isabel McNeil takes a job at Trial TV, thanks to her friend Jane. Theo Jameson, an attractive younger man, takes Izzy's mind off her problems with Sam. Life is looking good again -- until Jane is murdered. Questioned by the police because she found the body, Izzy becomes a "person of interest" when she gets Jane's on-air job. All of which gives Izzy plenty of reason to track down the real killer. Is it Jane's grieving husband, the mysterious man Jane picked up the same night Izzy met Theo or someone else entirely? Izzy has to find out before the police make enough of a case to arrest her. (MIRA, Jul., 464 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer