Red Country takes place in Abercrombie’s First Law World series of books, but also stands alone as a fantasy epic (check that page count!). Fans of the world and series may have a grumble or two when they see who makes an appearance and who doesn’t. Abercrombie struts his usual stuff across the pages and while some of the characters come across as stereotypical at best, longtime fans may approach this installment with a more open heart. It would have been nice to see our heroine on the cover, as it’s chiefly her tale. Frontier towns, gold fever, duels at high noon and unmapped landscapes that plucky heroes must launch themselves into ... it’s everything you would expect from an Abercrombie fantasy.

Shy South returns to her farm, a place that should be familiar and comforting above all other places, but what she finds there catches her off guard. Her brother and sister are kidnapped and the farm destroyed. Shy knows that if she means to get them all back, she must return to the devious ways she longs to give up. Her coward of a stepfather, Lamb, is along for the ride, but he’s hiding a past she could never have guessed at. (ORBIT, Nov., 640 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Elise Tobler