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Image of Red Demon: A Gods of Midnight Novel


Image of Red Demon: A Gods of Midnight Novel

Having been slapped down by the immortal Spartan warriors, the god of war, Ares, is out for payback. Though against his nature, the god of love Eros is also drawn into the conflict. All the previous players are here as Knight does her usual terrific job building a tale of lost love, loyalty and danger in this latest Gods of Midnight novel!

Aristos Petrakos lost the woman he loved a century ago. Ari has always believed that Juliana Tiades was disgusted by his winged form, and died trying to avoid him. So he’s less than thrilled when Sophie Lowery insists that Juliana’s spirit still resides at her house, and that she is trying to contact Ari. Lonely and confused, Juliana doesn’t really comprehend that she is dead. All she knows is that she wants to be reunited with Ari, so when a beautiful, angelic-looking woman offers her a bargain, Juliana jumps at it. When Juliana returns to her physical form, Ari is both hopeful and distrustful. Can these star-crossed lovers find a way to beat the plots and odds against them? (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith