Wealthy Lauren knows that money can't buy happiness. Unlike her best friend, who has meaningless sex with a plethora of men, Lauren keeps a red-satin sex journal in which she records her sexual fantasies.

Painter Nick supports both his sister and brain-damaged brother. Blaming Lauren's father for his family's loss of prosperity, Nick jumps at the opportunity to paint Lauren's house. With the discovery of her secret sex journal, Nick believes he's found a way to get back at her father. But the closer he gets to Lauren, the more he wants to please her not hurt her.

The Red Diary is one hot story. The main characters spend most of their time either fantasizing or having sex, though it's a far cry from erotic literature. The mystery subplot is good, albeit predictable, and the secondary romance involving the hero's younger brother was very sweet and quite lovely. (Sep., 432 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley