Kay has built a wonderfully satisfying series. She hooks readers with a
paranormal element but also delivers
a solid Native American romance
that's everything fans of the genre want.

Legend tells of the lost clan, a tribe banished by the thunder god, sent to live in shadows. Once a generation a warrior comes forth to save the tribe; this time it's Red Hawk, who isn't the ideal candidate for his tribe's quest for freedom, but he's the only boy able to leave the shadows, travel to the real world and survive.

When he first came to the world of the living he met a lovely girl he's never forgotten. The daughter of a renowned archeologist, Effie Rutledge may hold the key to setting his people free. When they meet again Effie is trying to locate four artifacts that will free the Lost Clan. She has no idea that the guide she marries is the boy who fills her dreams -- or that he is destined to become the love of her life. They must overcome distrust, deceit and wrath of the gods to fulfill Red Hawk's mission and save the Lost Clan. (Berkley sensation, Jun., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin