Image of Red Heat (Men in Uniform)


Image of Red Heat (Men in Uniform)

Bruhns starts off her new series with sizzling suspense. Her characters are sexy and provocative, but that’s not all — they continue to grow on many levels with a story that takes you through page-turning action and suspense. The sexual tension is palpable and when Bruhns’ latest couple gets together, sparks fly.

He is a Russian submarine driver, former KGB agent and currently unfairly disgraced. It has not been a good year for Captain Nikolai Kirill Romanoff. His now regrettable past is coming back to haunt him during a mission that will require all of his skill as a submariner and operative, as he must extract information from a beautiful American spy. Julie Severin despises everything Russian and has since the death of her Cold War operative father. When she’s placed on a dangerous mission, the attraction she feels for the devastatingly handsome Russian submarine captain is annoying. Soon they find themselves unable to avoid each other as their goal becomes the same and their desire undeniable. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jun. 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes