Image of Red Hood's Revenge (Princess Novels)


Image of Red Hood's Revenge (Princess Novels)

Hines’ central characters are as brilliant as in his previous Princess novels, but the conflict is not as delineated and the villain is so ephemeral as to be nearly invisible. Red Hood’s story is secondary to the plot, which does a disservice to her character. Though this is Talia’s story, readers won’t feel her motivation or empathize with her. Talia’s romantic relationships are the most compelling bit, but her emotional relationship with her children isn’t believable.

Talia, Danielle and Snow are once again called upon to save the kingdom — though this time it is Talia’s homeland of Arathea. When the infamous assassin, the Red Hood, attempts to kill Talia, an evil fairy plot is discovered at work in Arathea, and Talia, with the help of Snow and Danielle, must return to confront the fairy rulers of Arathea, and her own inner demons. (DAW, Jun., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs