Image of Red-Hot and Royal


Image of Red-Hot and Royal

In Carr's world of make-believe
countries, there are enough princes
to satisfy any modern-day fairy tale.
These consecutive stories about three
bachelor princes are engrossing; the
characters interesting, the sex hot and
the happily-ever-afters believable.

Prince Zain goes to Illinois to avoid a prophecy that would have him married. When Lauren inadvertently activates the prophecy, he can't believe she refuses his proposal. Will he stop pursuing her?

Prince Luca's tutor and friend Shayla agrees to help out and pose as Luca's girlfriend to keep his brother, Prince Rafael, from discovering Luca's real girlfriend. Too bad Shayla doesn't realize how attracted she will be to Rafael.

Kaylee accepts the job of image consultant to Prince Santos, not knowing how hard it will be to keep the wild-child beach babe she once was in check, for Santos tempts her at every turn. (Signet Eclipse, Jun., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley