Image of Red Hot Fury (A Shades of Fury Novel)


Image of Red Hot Fury (A Shades of Fury Novel)

An explosive new talent hits the UF market with this Shades of Fury series starter. Mackenzie introduces her heroine, Marissa Holloway, a fury and Boston’s chief magical investigator, who is at the epicenter of a case that could threaten the mortal/arcane accord. The byzantine layers of this plot are accented by kick-butt action and intriguing characterization, making Riss one captivating heroine. Money and time well spent!

Called into investigate the discovery of a body, Riss is stunned to realize it is that of her best friend, another fury who has been missing. But once Riss realizes the body has been magically altered, she is unceremoniously placed on suspension. Determined to unlock the truth, Riss swallows her pride and asks her ex-lover Scott Murphy, a shapeshifting warhound, for help. With an assassin after her, Riss begins to suspect someone may be trying to damage the accord and restart the old enmity between mortals and the arcane. The truth turns out to be a lot more complicated than she ever dreamed! (ACE, Jul., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith