Image of Red Hot Lies (An Izzy McNeil Novel)


Image of Red Hot Lies (An Izzy McNeil Novel)

Told mainly from the heroine's first-
person point of view, this beautifully crafted and tightly written story is a fabulous read. It's very difficult to put down -- and the ending is terrific.

Overwhelmed by the details of her upcoming wedding, Chicago attorney Isabel McNeil doesn't need any more grief or stress in her life, but she gets both in spades. Izzy's mentor and highest-profile client, media mogul Forester Pickett, dies suddenly of an apparent heart attack. The same night, her fiance, Sam Hollings, vanishes with $30 million in shares of Panamanian real estate. Sam was the last person to see Forester alive, so he's a person of interest to the police -- and so is Izzy.

Finding a explanation for what's happened becomes Izzy's priority, but for every answer Izzy comes up with, there are more questions -- and getting to the bottom of things could be hazardous to her health. (MIRA, Jun., 464 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer