Image of Red-Hot Winter


Image of Red-Hot Winter

Red Hot Winter is a fast-paced, enjoyable anthology with some very hot love scenes. The characters are eclectic and the storylines interesting. Each story is brief in length, but not short in entertainment. There is a m/m/f theme throughout the collection.

In Dee’s “Winter Fire,” Rachel Ashberg has always loved her best friend’s twin, Jackson Brooks. Meeting sexy stranger Garreth Halt at the picturesque resort where the twins’ birthday party is held allows her to burn off some sexual tension. But how will the weekend end when Garreth brings the delectable Jackson into the bedroom? In Couper’s “Triple Dare,” Australian Joseph Hudson gets into some deep trouble with just three little words from his best friend Rob Thorton: “I dare you.” Now they are lost in the Colorado Rockies after a skiing adventure. Luckily ranger Anna McCarthy comes to their rescue. What results is a steamy night that Joseph would not dare miss. “In True Heart” by Devlin, romance writer Honey Cahill has rented a cabin from brothers True and Lone “Lonny” Wyatt. Although they have different personalities, Honey can’t help but be attracted to them both. Will the fire that burns up the cabin pale in comparison to the heat produced by Honey and the boys once she comes under their roof? (SAMHAIN, Dec., 272 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart