Economics professor Calli Munro has not loved or been loved in a long time. When she travels to Vistaria to keep an eye on her wild-child cousin Minnie, romance is not on her agenda.

But suddenly, a chance encounter with a redheaded stranger, who happens to be the half-brother of the president, turns Calli upside down with desire. This leads her into some of the most passionate and frightening encounters of her life.

This is a sexy, suspenseful and compelling read. Calli and Nicolás are smart, well-developed characters who share a palpable sexual chemistry. And Cooper–Posey does an excellent job of heightening the sexual tension between them in conjunction with the escalating political tensions in Vistaria. The sensual and dangerous setting, coupled with interesting supporting characters, make this book an exciting read. (dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider