Until recently, the Harper Bride ghost was thought to be sad but not violent. Recent events, however, have proven that this mystery woman is both psychotic and angry. The ghost's worst tendencies appear whenever romance blossoms, and as once-favored son Harper Ashby and Hayley Phillips admit their attraction to each other, things escalate even further.

For the first time, the Harper Bride shows the ability to invade a human consciousness, as she briefly possesses Hayley's body. Even though the ghost used to sing to him as a child, any positive feelings Harper may once have had toward her are driven out by his fear for Hayley and toddler Lily. The answer lies in the past and, in order to protect those in the present, the dark truth must be exposed. It will take the courage and deductive skills of the entire "In the Garden" gang if they are to succeed.

This trilogy has built to a magnificent crescendo that doesn't disappoint. The characters in this multibook drama are real and rational, even if they are facing unreal circumstances. Pitch-perfect Roberts! (Dec., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith