Cornwell’s latest Kay Scarpetta novel involves a case that is particularly personal and highly dangerous. The tale has an intricately woven plot that is engrossing and suspenseful. The characters, the good guys, the bad guys and the ones that you can’t figure out until the end are fascinating. The plot starts out twisted and becomes even more entangled as the story escalates from the investigation of a serial killer to a potential act of international terrorism.

Dr. Kay Scarpetta is intent on bringing justice to the person who murdered her troubled colleague, Jack Fielding. She travels to a women’s prison in Georgia to interview Kathleen Lawler, who was once charged with molesting Fielding when he was a child. Lawler’s daughter is a vicious killer and evidence suggests that the recent killing spree in Boston was not the first for this troubled young woman. (PUTNAM, Dec., 498 pp., $27.95)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett