This breakout novel is bound to grab you at word one and never let go. A rare and compelling look at love set against the ravages of war, snappy
dialogue and authentic characters balance out heartbreaking realities in this poignant tale. Kudos to the author for bravely setting this novel where few
others would dare.

It's the 1970s, and investigative reporter Alaina Abbott is determined to reveal the truth about American involvement in the Vietnam War. Her liberal opinions and dogged questioning put her at instant opposition with the war effort.

Colonel Blackhart, resident hero and bona-fide heartbreaker, learned the hard way that journalists cannot be trusted -- and the beautiful yet naïve new correspondent is doubly dangerous to his outfit. When they must join forces to solve a mystery affecting the lives of American fighter pilots, Alaina and Blackhart can no longer resist their growing attraction. Each has inevitably changed the other, and the beliefs Alaina and Blackhart hold are challenged as the war becomes the greatest obstacle on their path to love. (Linden Bay, Oct., 344 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lisa Kelly