Image of Red Rain: A Novel


Image of Red Rain: A Novel

Stine, famous for his horror novels for children, dives into the adult world with this tale. Although the horror and shocks are more graphic here, the characters lack any real depth to pull the reader in emotionally. The unrealistic setup doesn’t help much either, and a lot of readers might give up before the neat payoff at the end. Think of this novel as the movie Village of the Damned tossed into a hurricane.

Lea Sutter writes travel blogs for a living, and her latest assignment has her on a small island off the coast of South Carolina. A strong hurricane sweeps through the area, and she barely survives, Her husband, Mark, is a child psychologist, and he’s thrilled to learn she’s alive. When she comes back home, she brings two young twin boys with her that she rescued from the wreckage. Lea and Mark’s two children are obviously upset by the newcomers, and the twins have a mischievous side to them that will cause havoc in their household. (TOUCHSTONE, Oct., 384 pp, $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers