While riding through the forest, Lord Stephen Barrett is attacked and severely wounded. Fortunately, he is found by Hayley Albright, a lively, loving and kind young woman who takes him home.

Stephen claims hes a tutor who would be happy to teach Hayleys siblings while solving the mystery of the attack.

The eclectic members of the household soon take to Stephen and he quickly becomes part of the family.

But Stephen is overwhelmed by his strong attraction to Hayley, the bright ray of sunshine who maintains her home and lovingly cares for everyone with a free-spirited good nature. Stephen and Hayley surrender to desire. He leaves Hayley, firm in his belief that it is for the best. But is it?

How these endearing lovers are brought together makes for a romance filled with warmth, charm and a wonderful freshness that is sure to captivate readers. Ms. DAlessandro brings new verve to the genre. SENSUAL (Oct., 358 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin