Determined to avoid an unwanted marriage and the loss of her home, Maggie Harrington blackmails one of her father's cronies into releasing Cade Chisk-Ko from jail. He gains his freedom only if he agrees to marry Maggie, escort her to Texas and remain at the ranch for one year to protect her from her father.

Destined to hang for the accidental death of headmaster Haynes, Cade grabs at the chance for release.

Cade finds that Maggie is made of stern stuff, enduring the hardships of the grueling trip without complaint. Along the trail they discover the attraction they felt for one another from the beginning runs far deeper than physical desire.

Cade must face his past, and Maggie's love enables him to find peace for his tormented soul.

RED SKY WARRIOR is a tender heart-warming story of love's eternal healing powers. Cade is a warrior to steal your heart and he and Maggie will have you cheering at their triumphs. SENSUAL (Jan., 368 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox