Mack does a great job of blending sensuality, sexuality and humor in all three novellas to create memorable characters and stories that are stimulating and romantically satisfying.

In "The Knockout," Ruth runs into her childhood crush at a most inopportune moment: Having lost a bet, she's walking her dog clad in leather and red-velvet high heels. Sparks immediately fly! In "Unzipped," frumpy Pam's world is rocked by a skintight red-velvet dress and the deliveryman who wants her to model it -- and let him take it off.

In "Double Dee," Dee is fixated on designing the perfect red-velvet bra. But when she takes it for a test run, it's her sexy neighbor who becomes the object of her desire. (APHRODISIA, Sep., 320 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider