Image of Red, White & Dead (An Izzy McNeil Novel)


Image of Red, White & Dead (An Izzy McNeil Novel)

Despite the inherent emotion of heroine Izzy's quest for her father, this book just isn't as engaging as the first two
in the series. But it does have plenty
of action and quite a few laughs, plus Izzy's sassy first-person narrative, going for it.

Her legal career temporarily on hold, entertainment attorney Isabel McNeil is working undercover for P.I. John Mayburn, chatting up notorious mobster Dez Romano, when things go horribly wrong. Running from Romano and his associate, Michael DeSanto, Izzy is pulled to safety -- by someone who sounds like her long-deceased father. Izzy doesn't see her savior's face, but the incident makes her question what she's been told about Christopher McNeil's death.

Her search for the truth takes her to Italy, and what she learns there is not only painful, it's potentially dangerous -- to Izzy, her mother and brother as well. (MIRA, Aug., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer