In this haunting tale, Annee Cartier skillfully blends Dracula with The Phantom of the Opera into a paranormal romance that will fascinate readers who crave the dark, sensual side of human nature. Her rich writing and language draws readers in and keeps them hanging on every lyrical phrase. Though the story of student and mentor is as old as time, Ms. Cartier adds her own unique touches to enhance the legend. REDEMPTION is a delicious treat to be savored.

Marcus Danewell has watched secretly as beautiful, talented Gabriella Rozina rehearsed for her Drury Lane theater performances. Though it has been centuries since he last felt desire, Marcus is taken with Gabriella and plots to take her under his wing to help her gain the fame she desires.

Marcus finds it impossible to be a near invisible phantom. When he brings her into his life and home, he allows a glimmer of hope into his existence.

Gabriella falls in love with Marcus. Even though he tries to frighten her with his tale of blood lust and his cursed life, she can't deny her passion or desire to be possessed by him and initiated into his world. But Marcus will allow nothing, not even his love, to destroy Gabriella, and searches for salvation, a road that can lead to heaven or hell, the path to REDEMPTION.

(Feb., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin