Married to a professor, Kari Jacobs has a perfect life and couldn't be happier—until a disturbing phone call shatters her world completely. Could the anonymous tipster be right? It really doesn't matter to her what the truth is, Kari is determined to stay married to her husband, determined to let nothing ruin their love, while those around her believe she is foolish.

Ryan Taylor has made a few mistakes in his life, and the biggest one was letting Kari get away. It seems like maybe he'll have another chance now that she's back in town without her husband. But Kari just wants to be friends. And as they spend time together, she learns some painful truths about the past.

Will she walk away from Tim and a marriage in ruins, realizing her heart has always belonged to Ryan? Or will her prayers be answered and love restored?

REDEMPTION, the first book of a series, is a powerful and gripping story with a clear message—love is a decision. Be prepared to have your heart pulled out and twisted a little before the last page. Ms. Kingsbury and Mr. Smalley make a fine-tuned writing team. (Aug., 371 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston