The first in the Terran Realm series sets the stage for an exciting new paranormal series. The history is vague, and the various splinter groups may confuse readers initially. But the characters and their complex lives pull you in, and the compelling drama keeps you reading. The hero and heroine both show a great depth of emotion, and there's just enough sexual tension between this charismatic couple to keep things interesting until they finally give in to their passion. Overall, a good start to an original new series.

Brenna Kennedy is the human guardian for a sacred book. She holds it in trust for the Terrans, a species that she has grown up hating. They are meant to protect the Earth by controlling the elements, but for many years they've only been interested in building their own wealth.

Terran Protector Donovan Callahan intends to change his people's priorities and shows up to collect the book. He claims he'll use it to benefit mankind, but can Brenna trust him? (liquidsilver, dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski