Vampires and the concept of human “prey” take on new meaning in Sandlin’s contemporary tale of survival and love. Set amidst a pandemic, for which the vaccine renders human blood deadly to vampires, the story is fast paced and filled with well-developed characters. Redemption is the first book of The Penton Legacy, and readers will anxiously await the sequels!

When Aidan Murphy purchased an old Alabama mill town and turned it into a safe haven for vampires and their human companions, he hoped it would escape the notice of the ruling tribunal and repel stray vampires seeking clean human blood to feed on. But when his angry brother Owen attacks and kills the town’s only doctor, Aidan resorts to kidnapping to bring medical assistance to the humans he protects. Krystal Harris figures there’s a catch when a small town offers her top-rate medical facilities and a hefty salary, but she never counted on Aidan and his crew of vampires. When Aidan’s attempt to enthrall her goes awry, she’s held captive. Despite the shock of learning about the vampires, Krys seems to accept the community — but she runs when an opportunity presents itself. Grabbed by Owen, who is terrorizing Penton with his own group, Krys becomes a pawn in a centuries-old fight that pits brother against brother in a contest that only one can win. (MONTLAKE, Jun., 366 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice