Image of Redemption (Seven Signs)


Image of Redemption (Seven Signs)

The “bad girl turns good with the love of a good man” plot of Redemption is clichéd and predictable. The push-pull between the romantic leads is also nothing you haven’t read before. Additionally, too much focus on each individual sequence means that the overarching story is often lost, and characters other than the two protagonists are shallow at best. Heavy use of fragmentary stream-of-consciousness writing successfully puts the reader inside the heads of the characters, but veers into being unpleasantly casual and simplistic at times.

After 1,400 years of trying to earn his way back into heaven, fallen angel Japheth just has to kill one more demon. When that demon’s gorgeous vampire slave, Rose Harley, gets in his way, a spellbound connection is born. He burns her with his angel mark, and she has no choice but to help him if she wants it gone. A romantic bond forms, threatening Japheth’s chances of returning to heaven. (BERKLEY, Mar., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hanson