Image of Redemption (Soul Series)


Image of Redemption (Soul Series)

Barry offers up a remarkable tale peopled with strong characters and a unique storyline as Reya and Thane travel a most unusual path to find happiness. Their journey is fraught with extraordinary peril, emotional upheaval and tests of resolve. Readers’ imaginations will take flight as ghosts, demons and other assorted creatures fill the pages of this marvelous book.

Reya, a Redeemer of Souls, is earning her way back to Heaven by ridding the world of one creep at a time. She doesn’t kill them outright, but creates circumstances that lead to their deaths if they don’t accept redemption. Det. Thane Driscoll has been put on probation, albeit for a righteous shooting of a pedophile. He’s in the Paranormal Investigation Unit and has seen Reya on tapes of several of the crimes. He believes her unlikely story and, together, they set out to find the culprit from Hell behind an attempt to take over Earth. (FOREVER YOURS, Oct., 336 pp., $17.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown