Image of Redemption Alley (Jill Kismet, Hunter, Book 3)


Image of Redemption Alley (Jill Kismet, Hunter, Book 3)

The third book in Saintcrow's graphically violent Jill Kismet series is ideal for readers who enjoy nonstop rough-and-tumble action combined with compelling characterization and a plot
that twists and turns all over the place. While Saintcrow can sometimes be a workmanlike writer, she never fails to deliver excitement.

Asked to look into a cop's suicide by her primary contact with the Santa Luz police department, Jill Kismet suddenly finds herself up to her eyeballs in deception, drugs and murder. Not to mention a hefty dose of human corruption to top things off.

Assisted by a fellow hunter and the local weres, Jill starts poking her nose into the suicide as well as a chain of disappearances. It turns out that what she discovers is more disturbing than anything she could have imagined. Unsure of which cops to trust and forced to trust some hellbreed, Jill is going to be lucky to get out in one piece, much less solve the whole mess. (ORBIT, Aug., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs