Readers will race to this sequel and devour it! Although the secondary characters' voices in the first book in the pair felt more authentic, this deeper exploration into all of the characters was captivating. Sorensen paces the story well and wraps things up perfectly.

Beginning on a cliffhanger, Callie and Kayden once more careen into each other's lives at a pivotal moment. When life overwhelms him, Kayden does the unthinkable. Left to pick up the pieces, his friends and Callie must find the inner strength to go on without him. When Kayden isolates himself, his friends grow concerned. Desperate to escape their homes during the holidays, the friends plan a road trip and drag Kayden along with them. What follows is a rollercoaster of heartache, healing, and hope. For Callie and Kayden, being together is stronger than being apart. When the pair finally face their demons it will enable them to move forward-or break them forever. (FOREVER, February, 336pp., $12.00, ISBN: 9781455576456, 18 & Up)

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Raven Haller