Image of Redemption of the Duke (Brides of Redemption)


Image of Redemption of the Duke (Brides of Redemption)

It’s unusual when the highly talented Callen crafts an ordinary romance without the spark of lively dialogue or heated sexuality, yet here her characters are stereotypical, the plot — though charming — is drawn out and there is little depth. Some readers might look for more, while others will enjoy this classic bad boy’s redemption love story.

For years, Adam Chamberlin took pride in being a wastrel. But after the tragic deaths of his father and brothers, he is the new Duke of Rothford. To assuage his guilt, Adam hunts down the sister of a dead comrade from his time in India. Faith Cooper has been working as a chaperone to a debutante and wants nothing to do with Adam. When all else fails, Adam’s aunt offers her a position as companion — one Faith cannot decline. After her youthful indiscretion, Faith will not be beholden to any man. Yet desire blazes between them. But when they marry, someone is determined to undermine Faith’s reputation. (AVON, May, 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin