Image of Redemption at Mirabelle


Image of Redemption at Mirabelle

REDEMPTION AT MIRABELLE (4.5) by Helen Brenna: Adam Harding, a widower with two young children, is on Mirabelle Island to repair it from a devastating tornado. He is desperately attracted to Marin Camden, the wealthy daughter of a U.S. senator who’s on the island visiting her sister. But while Marin gives in to their attraction and is willing to form a relationship, Adam is determined to put her off, certain he’s not entitled to personal happiness because he never saw the deep depression that caused his wife to take her own life. Adam’s guilt and pain are skillfully depicted and his reactions seem exactly true to how a person who has lost a spouse to suicide would act. In addition, Marin’s refusal to give up on Adam, and her own gradual realization of her affection for his children are spot-on. Kudos to Brenna for an excellent read!

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay