Image of The Redemption of Rico D'Angelo (Harlequin Romance)


Image of The Redemption of Rico D'Angelo (Harlequin Romance)
THE REDEMPTION OF RICO D’ANGELO (4) by Michelle Douglas: Rico D’Angelo plans on opening a charity café to train underprivileged youths in waiting and kitchen skills for jobs in the hospitality industry. The hardest task before him is hiring a highly qualified and experienced restaurant manager. In walks Janeen Cuthbert. Rico finds her to be honest and funny. Neen wants to open a café of her own one day, but her secrets surface as she gets closer to Rico. He’s having a tough time resisting her, too. This original, well thought-out story has characters who are destined to help each other. Although the dialogue falls flat occasionally, readers will enjoy the quirky relationship.
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi