Image of Redemption


Image of Redemption

This action-packed story hooks
you from the start with its intriguing
characters and plot. You might
guess the big reveal a bit early,
but it doesn't make the journey any
less interesting.

Four years after Lisa Mallory's abusive husband was murdered, their son Jamie is kidnapped. Lisa is almost killed attempting to deliver the ransom, and her brother calls his good friend Ethan Caine for help.

Ethan is a burned-out black ops mercenary who has shut himself off from everyone. Lisa doesn't see how Ethan can possibly help, since he's completely let himself go. Saying he will do anything for a friend, Ethan tracks Jamie to Mexico's Quintana Roo jungle. As the two make plans to rescue Jamie, they are in for some huge surprises--the least of which is finding each other. (THE WILD ROSE, Jun., 196 pp., $10.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers