When tomboy McKenzie Kathryn Calhoun accidentally participates in a bank robbery in Promise, Kansas, she finds herself in need of a new identity and uses the money to buy herself ladies' clothes and a ticket out of town.

John Lee Brandon has spent most of his life hunting down the man responsible for his family's death. Disguised as Preacher Adams, the hired gunman is headed for Heaven, Kansas, when he finds himself on a stage sitting next to an alluring redhead.

When the townspeople welcome the reverend and his "wife" with joy, Macky does nothing to discourage the idea. She is desperate to hide her identity and escape the outlaws who are looking for the young "boy" who ran off with their money.

Trapped in the charade, Macky and John begin to form a relationship based on a mutual need for deception, but soon their unconventional bond grows into one of trust, passion and love.

Sandra Chastain has a gift for blending love and laughter into a memorable romance. You'll delight in Macky's predicament in this often rollicking, yet tender Western. SENSUAL (Nov., 327 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin