Image of The Redhead Plays Her Hand (The Redhead Series)


Image of The Redhead Plays Her Hand (The Redhead Series)

Clayton brings more love, laughter and emotional upheaval to “George” and “Sweet Nuts” in her final installment of the Redhead series. This zany and smoking-hot romance will keep readers in stitches as two strong, well-defined protagonists struggle to navigate their relationship while fame, jealousy and snarky fans attack from all sides. Fast pacing, witty dialogue and a cast of well-meaning friends provide the script for an Oscar-worthy story about a couple whose journey has delighted readers since the beginning.

After landing a coveted TV role, Grace Sheridan is back in the tabloids when the director asks her to lose 15 pounds. Grace takes to the internet to get fans to weigh in on her struggles and Hollywood’s skewed thoughts on body image. Jack Hamilton is struggling with issues of his own when being voted Sexiest Man Alive goes straight to his head. Jack seems to be talking to everyone but Grace these days. Grace tries to give him the space he needs, but when his drama threatens Grace and her own career, she wonders if it’s time to call “Cut!” on their story. (GALLERY, Jan., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson