Image of The Redhead Revealed (The Redhead Series)


Image of The Redhead Revealed (The Redhead Series)

Grace and Jack are back with more laughter, love and phone sex in the second installment of Clayton’s hilariously romantic contemporary Redhead series. While just as funny and hot as book one, The Redhead Revealed is more emotionally charged as the protagonists are confronted with their insecurities concerning their relationship. Witty commentary and playful sexual banter add laughter and tears as the couple continues to try and survive together in a world where rumors can make or break a career in the time it takes to report them.

Grace Sheridan has been given her dream job and travels to New York, leaving behind LA and her lover, Jack Hamilton. Things get extremely busy for both Grace and Jack as they each try to do their jobs and find time for each other. Thank goodness for phone sex. As Grace and Jack’s careers go supernova, both get a visit from the little green-eyed monster. Jack must deal with the fact that Grace’s producer is an old friend and flame, and Grace has to deal with Jack being on every woman’s sexual fantasy list. When Grace starts hearing rumors that Jack is with his ex-girlfriend, old insecurities come into play and Grace begins to wonder if she should just let Jack go. (GALLERY, Nov., 320 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Tori Benson