A playful take on My Fair Lady, this delightful romance has many interesting secondary characters and additional love stories. The discoveries the main characters make about themselves are enjoyable, and it's really great to have a story where even the mean girls and the bad guys aren't really all that bad.

The selling of most of their land to developer Cody Dean makes Jolie Russell and her father overnight millionaires. Unfortunately, even with a new house and loads of money, Jolie is disappointed that she and her dad aren't accepted by their snobbish neighbors.

Though she's attracted to Cody, it's his younger brother Brett who steps in and offers to help Jolie out. He suggests she take lessons in speech and etiquette. Her goal: to attend the Cottonwood Ball. As Jolie works to acquire polish, she spends more time in the company of Cody. But can a redneck country bumpkin -- even a rich one -- ever fit into the world of a polished executive -- and would she even want to? (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Mar., 304 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley