Twenty-five-year-old treasure hunter/diver Matthew Lassiter has always known millionaire treasure hunter Silas VanDyke murdered his father. But neither he nor his uncle Buck has ever been able to prove it. Over the years, Matthew and Buck have tried to keep alive Matthews fathers dream of finding the legendary amulet known as Angeliques Curse. Then they hook up with amateur treasure hunters Ray and Marla Beaumont and their daughter Tate.

This small band of partners/friends are overjoyed when they recover the treasure from a wrecked ship. It looks like theyll all be richer than their wildest imaginings, but tragedy and treachery destroy their dreams.

First, Buck loses his leg in a shark attack. While the team is coping with this emergency, their treasure is stolen by the evil VanDyke. Broke and disheartened, the partnership is dissolved, as well as the burgeoning love between Tate and Matthew.

Eight years later, marine archaeologist Tate suddenly gets word from her father that he may have finally found the clues that will lead them to Angeliques Curse. Tate is none too happy to discover that her father has already enlisted Matthews and Bucks help in the hunt. In deciding to proceed with their quest, they all know that it will result in a potentially deadly showdown with Silas VanDyke. They can only hope the outcome will be different this time.

Relationships are the key to this exciting and exotic adventure tale. Ms. Roberts uses all her consummate skill as a storyteller to make you root and care deeply for this small band of adventurers. Marvelous as always. (Oct., 448 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith