A Shareem is a genetically enhanced male, grown and bred for the pleasure of females. Those still in existence are free men, and Rees is a very special one. An experiment that some might even say is dangerous, he is the reason the creation of Shareem was made illegal.

Sneaking into the holo-room that Rees had rented for himself is against the rules, but Talan does it anyway. After meeting him, Talan realizes she must have more of Rees. He feels the same way about her. So when her aunt delivers Rees to Talan to show her what she may be missing if she decides to follow the Way of the Star, they are more than happy to explore their sexual desire. But when it comes time for Rees to leave, Talan finds she doesn't want him to go. Can she convince him they should be together?

This story is a competently written sci-fi, but Rees' awakening to real love is what makes this a worthwhile romance. The very explicit sex, which includes consensual bondage, anal, spanking and menage a trois, is well depicted but leaves you wishing for more plot. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley