Image of Reflected (Silver Series)


Image of Reflected (Silver Series)

Held deepens her shadowy, evocative world in this third Silver novel, and her haunting prose and emotional perception will keep series’ fans riveted. Though the focus of this book expands from its titular alpha female, her continuing evolution is still at the forefront, as she embraces new roles and battles old demons. Held’s insight into her characters, their fears and weaknesses as well as their power and ability, makes them all feel real and sympathetic through every step, and misstep, of their journeys.

Now that she and her mate have taken on leadership of the North American werewolf packs, Silver and Dare face a new set of threats from those outsiders who would challenge their authority, especially given Silver’s strange handicaps. With Dare’s rebellious daughter trying to find her place in an unfamiliar new world, Silver finds herself forced to defend her pack not only against werewolf visitors, but also from the increasingly curious human population surrounding them.(TOR, Feb., 336 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown