Image of Reflected in You (Crossfire)


Image of Reflected in You (Crossfire)

The relationship that blossomed between Gideon and Eva in Bared to You continues in Day’s second Crossfire book. Gideon is a tough hero to love in this latest entry in the series, but ultimately pulls through in this extremely entertaining story. It’s Eva’s impressive emotional strength and overall appeal as a female lead that makes this book a winner. The scorching sex scenes and fast-paced plot are strengthened by Day’s superb writing, and readers will find themselves getting pulled deeper into Gideon and Eva’s world. I can’t wait to see what Day does next!

Take-charge Gideon is determined to keep Eva by his side, but as the two grow closer and Eva bares her soul, will Gideon’s reluctance to open up be a deal-breaker for Eva? Between the secrets Gideon is keeping, his liaisons with his ex-fiancée and the mysterious nemesis from his past, Eva is finding it impossible to surmount the obstacles Gideon keeps placing in front of her. But when Eva’s long-hidden childhood abuse is brought to the surface, Gideon is determined to do whatever it takes to put her torment to an end once and for all — and to prove his devotion to Eva. (BERKLEY, Oct., 432 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna