Filled with guilt and pain over the senseless massacre of ten children, Rachel Hubert fled Reflection, a small Pennsylvania Dutch town, and rebuilt her life elsewhere. When her grandmother is struck by lightning and needs nursing, Rachel decides to face the past. Many in Reflection, however, will never forgive or forget that Rachel's deranged Vietnam vet husband, Luke, was responsible for that horrible day.

As they were growing up, Rachel, Luke and Michael Stoltz were an unbreakable threesome. Shortly after a youthful marriage to Rachel, Luke headed off to war, and Rachel and Michael joined the Peace Corps. There, they realized that there was more than just friendship between them, but honor and loyalty forced them apart.

Upon her return, Rachel discovers that Michael has married and is a minister. He welcomes Rachel back with open arms and soon discovers that their love has never died.

The citizens of Reflection have other problems besides Rachel; a proposed development project divides the community. Michael seems to be fighting a losing battle against the project. Exposing shocking, long-buried secrets of the Hubert family may be the only way to salvage the very essence of the town.

Brilliant author Diane Chamberlain has penned a truly outstanding novel that is both completely engrossing and chillingly prophetic and one you will not soon forget. (April, 384 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith