Debut author Darlene Davis serves up a story about six people trying to achieve the same success in their personal lives that they have in their professional ones.

Serena Avery has been in a strained marriage for six years. During a trip to New York, she runs into the love of her life, Nathan Whitaker. Seeing him causes Serena to re-examine her marriage.

Meanwhile, Chante Peyton is happier than she could ever imagine with Marcus Elder. Their lifelong friendship has turned into a love that has survived a very difficult time.

Nikki Campbell has been hurt in more than one relationship. After five years of celibacy, how is it that Malik Jordan breaks through her tough exterior?

Characters must reflect on their past to attain a future that will bring them the most happiness. Each one is so different that every reader will identify with at least one of them.(Oct., 358 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor