The wonderfully fresh voice of Eileen Putman beguiles us with another innovative tale of love in Regency England.

Something definitely needs to be done about Lady Worthington. Inheriting her husbands share of a lucrative spice trading firm, she is driving her new partner to the poorhouse—at least thats what Elias, Lord Westwood believes. The only solution seems to be buying her out.

When he arrives at her country estate, nothing prepares him for what he finds: a peppery delight whose baking skills are quite irresistible to such a fastidious connoisseur. But the greater lure, it seems, turns out to be the lady herself. Can he survive her unorthodox lifestyle and convince her that his heart is hers forever?

Concocting a frothy delight spiced with love, laughter and tender emotion, Ms. Putman writes in a scintillating style that guarantees the very best in reading. (Dec., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer