Marisa Joubert came from a family of wealth and elegancebut one, she finds, thats funded by a crime empire. The evilness of her late husband almost cost Marisa her son, her life and her sanity. Fragile yet resolute, she moves to Colorado, determined to make it on her own.

She doesnt have many marketable skills, but eventually the perfect job turns up in a small Colorado town, at the Wainscott Foundations Refuge for Unwed Mothers. Hired to organize the office and assist Stuart Frieze, the foundations director, shes certain shes found a way to make it on her own with her young son.

From the very first, Marisa senses that not everything at the Refuge is as it seems. From the hidden temper of Mr. Frieze to the strange attraction she feels for Jimmy Griffin, the handicapped janitor, Marisa finds herself curious about what is going on.

What comes to light frightens Marisa, as she realizes she must take a stand against some unethical and perhaps even illegal activities. As she begins to figure out the Refuges true purpose, Marisa must decide who to trust, and what can be done to right the wrongs going on around her.

Ms. Cresswell masterfully creates a full, rich story with characters who will touch your heart. She drops clues skillfully, unwinding the tale piece by piece in such a way as to capture readers from the very first.(Oct., 408 pp. $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson