Peter and Brooke West's marriage is dying a slow death, strangled by their competing medical careers and the demands of raising a family. A tragic accident leaves their younger daughter, Hayley, in a coma. Will guilt drive Peter to abandon his faith and take desperate measures to ease his pain? Can Brooke stop obsessing about her daughter long enough to see her husband needs her as well?

Brooke's sister, Abigail Baxter, smacks head-on into the consequences of her youthful indiscretion. The child she had is not the only legacy. She is also HIV positive. Though everything within her rebels, she knows she must push Landon Blake out of her life, even if it breaks both their hearts.

Kingsbury, with the aid of Smalley, delivers a powerful fourth in the Redemption series. In a complex dance of relationships, the Baxter family learns the power of rejoicing in the face of situations that appear hopeless. Readers' hearts will be touched and uplifted. (Apr., 376 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson