Image of Rekindled Hearts (Love Inspired)


Image of Rekindled Hearts (Love Inspired)

REKINDLED HEARTS (4) by Brenda Minton: Police Chief Colt Ridgeway has difficulty believing in God's power, especially after his town is half-destroyed by a tornado. Plus, there's his divorce from veterinarian Lexi Harmon, the woman he loves and who still loves him. He instigated it after the loss of his friend in the line of duty, hoping to save her heartache. The tornado brings them together, as friends, but Lexi isn't sure she can handle just being friends and considers moving away. Can her prayers, as well as those of most everyone in High Plains, save this relationship? This addition to the After the Storm series shows the power of prayer and faith to overcome sorrow and doubt.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley