Erickson's aptly named novella grips you from page one and never lets go. It combines well-developed characters with a modern and comedic plot. This speedy
and light-hearted fireside read is sure
to chase away the winter blues.

Sommer Daniels is fed up with waiting for the perfect man. She's in the midst of a sexual liberation and is taking matters into her own hands -- literally. What she doesn't count on is fate crashing her computer the afternoon before a major deadline. Enter Ted Maxwell, the drop-dead gorgeous IT guy sent to repair her system -- and the very same man Sommer had been lusting after in the elevator just days before. The sparks fly as Ted and Sommer embark on a torrid office romance that just may be the real deal.

But Ted isn't what he appears to be. Could his secret ruin their chances for love? (, dl $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lisa Kelly