Image of Release Me


Image of Release Me

Rochon presents a stellar story that thoroughly entertains. Her writing style is consistent and easy to follow from start to finish, and all the characters are memorable. It's a little too long, but Release Me is most definitely worth the exciting journey.

Basketball player turned entertainment manager Toby gets his big break when a production company offers his client Aria a deal that will make her a household name. In preparation, Toby hires a management company to handle promotion. Little does he know that Sienna has just landed her first account -- and it's his.

Sienna is jealous because she believes that Aria and Toby are a couple. Although Aria would like that, she redirects her attention to a rival from Toby's past, creating chaos. In her attempts to avoid disaster, Sienna is left to manage the campaign, Toby's outbursts and a love that may never be. (Leisure, Jun., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Eleanor S. Shields