Max Weir's special police unit has been integrated with vampires and he bitterly resents it. He believes all vamps should be staked, but now they have to be proven guilty of crimes by the Masters' Council. That his former best friend is now a vampire only complicates matters.

There's also a gang of ruthless werewolves in town, hunting vampires and not caring if humans get caught in the violence. After a botched mission, Max heads for a bar—for drinks or a woman, anything to forget.

Vampire Pia D'Amato is on a mission. Sent by the Masters' Council, she is to take Max out of action, whether through persuasion or seduction. Max and Pia are immediately attracted to each other, but how can they overcome the barriers between them? And what will Pia do when she finds out Max's secret?

In the fourth book of the Immortal Knight series, Devlin has crafted a story with high emotional and sexual content. The passion between the emotionally vulnerable Max and Pia is vibrant. (dl $4.95)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor