Grant Borrows' body doesn't feel the same and he seems to know how to do things he never did before. When he looks in the mirror, he is shocked to see another man's face.

Grant is caught up in a quest to determine who he is now and how this shift took place. The searching leads him into dangerous situations with sinister people who appear to want to kill him. Can Grant find any allies ... or is everyone his enemy?

The first book in Parrish's new Dominion trilogy breaks away from traditional, straightforward storylines. Unique characters, mysterious rings, secret societies and an ancient stone add to the interest. Part allegory and mostly breath-holding suspense, the plot is confusing at times as it twists and turns around itself, but, ultimately, it delivers an intriguing tale. (Jul., 400 pp., $19.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel